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Profiles, sealants and material for the production of thermal insulating glass

By choosing the right materials, we can significantly influence the insulation of the window. In our offer, you can choose from different types of spacers, decorative profiles, sealants, and other materials for the production of thermal insulating glass.

Profili in tesnilne mase in material za izdelavo termoizolacijskega stekla -

ALU and Warm edge spacers

ALU PROFILES: practical, economical, and aesthetic. They are made of special aluminium alloys in the following dimensions: H: 6.5 mm, L: 6 mt W: from 4 to 26.5 mm. Available in various RAL colour shades. We also complete our offer with connectors, corner keys and endpins for aluminium profiles.

WARM EDGE PROFILES: THERMIX TX PRO is a modern distance profile made of a special technopolymer reinforced with two highly resistant stainless wires. The bar is partially covered with a very thin stainless steel foil that helps the sealant adhere and acts as a gas barrier.

Decorative profiles

Created as decoration for glass- windows and doors. Different types and models allow creation in different dimensions and colours.


Sealants and other materials are of great importance in the production of thermal insulating glass, as the choice of the right materials affects the functionality of the final product.
We offer you a wide selection of materials intended for the production of thermal insulating glass::

  • primary sealants
  • secondary sealants
  • silicones / molecular
  • adhesive tapes
  • cork washers


Fill out the form and describe your wishes and requirements to us as best you can.


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